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Thrive Teams Volunteer Signup

January 1st - December 31st, 2018

Great churches are not built on the gifts and talents of a few, but on team of many! You don't need to be a partner to volunteer at Thrive!

Hospital Visit Request

June 28th - December 31st, 2018

Would you like someone from the Care Team to visit you while you or a loved one is in the hospital?

Prayer Request

June 28th - December 31st, 2018

Do you need prayer? Our prayer team would love to pray for you!

Wedding Application

June 28th - December 31st, 2018

If you just have a question regarding having your wedding officiated by a Thrive Church pastor or getting pre-marital mentoring/counseling, there is a simple form to fill out for those inquires, this isn't it.

Please fill out this form once you are ready to have a pastor officiate your wedding or provide pre-marital counseling.

Wedding Inquiries

June 28th - December 31st, 2018

Fill out this form to request information on having one of our pastors officiate your wedding or pre-marital mentoring/counseling.

If you are ready to apply for a pastor to officiate your wedding or for pre-marital counseling, there is a separate form.

Challenge 90 day

90 Bible Reading Challenge

July 1st - September 30th, 2018

We are going to get into the habit of reading the bible together as a Church!!

So, are you in? We sure hope so!!

Starting on July 1st, we will read three chapters a day from the Bible. 1 from Psalms, 1 from Proverbs and 1 from the New Testament.

Simple. It will take no more than 8 minutes a day.

So, can you do it? Are you in?

Get your Bible ready. Get your highlighter ready.

Every day...

  1. Find a time to be alone with God.

  2. Open your Bible to the chapter that we're on.

  3. Read it. Don't breeze through it. But, take your time.

  4. Highlight a verse or two that stick out.

  5. Underline or write something that resonates with you.

  6. Finish by thanking God for that time in His word.

Get your whole family involved!

Sign up and you will receive special emails about our reading plan!!

Some insights from Dr. Tom!

Here we go!

5 year conversations

5 Year Conversations: Fri, Aug 17, 2018

August 17th, 2018

Is Thrive your home? Are you 'ALL IN' at Thrive? Love your Church? Then, we want your ideas and your heart for our next 5 years. Join Jason and some of the Thrive staff at the Raitz house to talk about the next 5 years. We won't have childcare, sorry. But, come and let's talk! You are signing up for the Fri, Aug 17 event. Please pick the Wed, Aug 15 event if that works better for you, but please only sign up for one event.

Baptism   bbq   planning center

Baptism & BBQ

August 19th, 2018